The Cry

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Chapter five of 'The Treasure Island',
'The last of the blind man'.
"Jim caught seven riders in sight,
As they neared the 'Admiral Benbow' in the moonlight,
The men galloped towards the Benbow heavily,
And had the bricks of the house searched thoroughly,
But", the light vanished into the night,
As it blackened everything out of my sight!
But I saw things by the eyes of my mind,
As it sped me for a taper to find,
This small light, lit through the dark,
As if it got a rediscovery from the mouth of a shark!
I took it to the table by my bed,
And as my hot breath extinguished it dead.....
The cry of a wild rang through me,
Which seemed to deaden my senses like a tree,
The sound was like a deep moaning,
Being the result of someone's frowning!
It was like the long cry of a dog,
Who was intended deep in the agony fog,
The cry gradually rose high,
And then at its silence, I let out a sigh!
But ere sleep could win over me,
The heart trembling cry again broke free,
This age, the cry was more high pitched,
And to the innermost heart it reached,
I clung to my bed in fearfulness,
As I tried to fight my nervousness,
But it had got the better of me out,
As I still clutched to my bed stout!
I crushed my jaws to overcome my nervousness,
Which gave a relief to my stiffness,
The cry shook me from head to toe,
Greater than, when I would see my foe,
The cry had the utmost effect on me,
Which nobody else except me could see!
The cry suddenly came to a dead end,
After delivering its frightful trend!
The cry by now had met its end,
But in my mind had a deep impression send,
And this cry occurs to me whenever,
A sound of cry is heard ever and ever!

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