The Copper Piece

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The Copper Piece moulds up,
Looking very much like a tea cup.
It is polished to gain its shine,
And sculptured with the curves of the Rhine.
It now stands on the wall's shelf,
Thinking about itself!
Its now a show of the show case,
Proud of it delicate beauty and grace!
Its now only a show piece,
Which can be thought about with ease.
But its heart is not gay,
For it has not got a permanent stay!
A stay for which it had been meant,
A stay for which it had been sent!
Like the pens are for the writers,
The bullets are for the fighters,
Like the bricks, which are for the house,
And the cheese, which are for the mouse!
So is the same with the copper piece,
It is made for the one who can seize,
But for this it had not to wait,
And was seized before it was too late!
But it changed after the seize,
It was something more than the Copper Piece,
Now it was not thought about with ease.
But remembered by the memory of the seize,
It did not now stand for its beauty and its skill,
Instead, as a symbol of the seizer's strength and will.
Now it was not a thing of delicate beauty,
It was now a thing of pride and superiority.
It was now, not a Copper Piece known for its size,
But was now a Copper Piece known as 'The Prize'!

P.S. - This was the poem I wrote when I had won one of my first prize, in a Quiz competition. I was so excited on winning it, that my happiness knew no bound! Finally this poem shaped up!

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