Bouncing Back

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I've come with a renewed force,
Ready to take on all...
To show my real nature,
Yet be with all in the same course.

And to say the truth to U all,
The change is not as before...
Which would die off very soon,
For it is, but my life's call.

All it says is do or die,
And so to live my life...
I've to give up all,
And say all mischief goodbye.

But still a question threatens me!
Who strengthened me to take on all?
For I was a boy,
With senses like a tree!

But as I remember & pen it down,
It gets my blood steaming off..
It gets my head heated white hot..
Even when in my night gown!

But for that I do not regret,
For I was bitten by a serpent,
A serpent so poisonous,
Which got my troubles an outlet!

Troubles which had me shackled,
From the time my senses ran..
The race of infinity!

P.S. - I had written this poem after I was really hurt by one of my teacher's comments about me! He was like not encouraging to succeed but was wishing that I would fail! I then took a pledge to show others what I had in me! And the rest is just a sweet and brave history...

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