Bouncing Back

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I've come with a renewed force,
Ready to take on all...
To show my real nature,
Yet be with all in the same course.

And to say the truth to U all,
The change is not as before...
Which would die off very soon,
For it is, but my life's call.

All it says is do or die,
And so to live my life...
I've to give up all,
And say all mischief goodbye.

But still a question threatens me!
Who strengthened me to take on all?
For I was a boy,
With senses like a tree!

But as I remember & pen it down,
It gets my blood steaming off..
It gets my head heated white hot..
Even when in my night gown!

But for that I do not regret,
For I was bitten by a serpent,
A serpent so poisonous,
Which got my troubles an outlet!

Troubles which had me shackled,
From the time my senses ran..
The race of infinity!

P.S. - I had written this poem after I was really hurt by one of my teacher's comments about me! He was like not encouraging to succeed but was wishing that I would fail! I then took a pledge to show others what I had in me! And the rest is just a sweet and brave history...


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If you think about someone day and night,
And cannot resist from doing so,
If you dream about someone when not in sight,
And let not the dream go.

If you fight with someone in your mind,
But do so without a reason.
If you go hunger strikes, too unusual for your kind,
For it is but the winter season.

If you always feel yourself alone,
Even when in a movie hall.
If you tend to stick to the phone,
To grab every, but hear a single call.

If none of the sights seem close to your heart,
Than the someone's cute face.
If no one's except the someone's words give you start,
The answer to which none can trace.

If in every mischief you have a helping hand,
But in front of someone you try to be a dove.
Now you should clearly understand,
You've fell to cupid's arrow, you've fallen in Love.....

Intro to 'Signs'...

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Before I post the next poem, I would like to give a brief introduction to its making and a small incident connected to it! In std-X, I felt like I had fallen in love with a girl I had known for long, but I was not entirely sure of it! So I just wrote what I felt, to see if others who fell in love could connect to it! And actually they did!
In fact, I had this poem written on a piece of paper kept in a book, and suddenly it slide down on the floor while I was in the classroom and 'Mohan Sir', our class teacher was taking our 'Geography' class! He lifted the paper, and saw that it was a poem! And after the class was over, he read it, and then called me!
I was scared like hell! What was he going to say? Was he thinking of sending me to the principal? All sorts of such pessimistic thoughts crowded my mind! In fact I could have written a poem then and there! Anyway, I slowly moved up to him, and he asked, "Who is the 'YOU' in the poem?" I smiled and replied boldly , "Sir, the 'YOU' refers to anyone who reads the poem and can connect to it!" He just smiled at me, and gave me back the poem!
And it actually felt good, that he read the poem and luckily didn't throw me out of the class, for either writing the poem or for writing a poem that is so bad! So here it is, 'Signs'!

The Copper Piece

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The Copper Piece moulds up,
Looking very much like a tea cup.
It is polished to gain its shine,
And sculptured with the curves of the Rhine.
It now stands on the wall's shelf,
Thinking about itself!
Its now a show of the show case,
Proud of it delicate beauty and grace!
Its now only a show piece,
Which can be thought about with ease.
But its heart is not gay,
For it has not got a permanent stay!
A stay for which it had been meant,
A stay for which it had been sent!
Like the pens are for the writers,
The bullets are for the fighters,
Like the bricks, which are for the house,
And the cheese, which are for the mouse!
So is the same with the copper piece,
It is made for the one who can seize,
But for this it had not to wait,
And was seized before it was too late!
But it changed after the seize,
It was something more than the Copper Piece,
Now it was not thought about with ease.
But remembered by the memory of the seize,
It did not now stand for its beauty and its skill,
Instead, as a symbol of the seizer's strength and will.
Now it was not a thing of delicate beauty,
It was now a thing of pride and superiority.
It was now, not a Copper Piece known for its size,
But was now a Copper Piece known as 'The Prize'!

P.S. - This was the poem I wrote when I had won one of my first prize, in a Quiz competition. I was so excited on winning it, that my happiness knew no bound! Finally this poem shaped up!

The Cry

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Chapter five of 'The Treasure Island',
'The last of the blind man'.
"Jim caught seven riders in sight,
As they neared the 'Admiral Benbow' in the moonlight,
The men galloped towards the Benbow heavily,
And had the bricks of the house searched thoroughly,
But", the light vanished into the night,
As it blackened everything out of my sight!
But I saw things by the eyes of my mind,
As it sped me for a taper to find,
This small light, lit through the dark,
As if it got a rediscovery from the mouth of a shark!
I took it to the table by my bed,
And as my hot breath extinguished it dead.....
The cry of a wild rang through me,
Which seemed to deaden my senses like a tree,
The sound was like a deep moaning,
Being the result of someone's frowning!
It was like the long cry of a dog,
Who was intended deep in the agony fog,
The cry gradually rose high,
And then at its silence, I let out a sigh!
But ere sleep could win over me,
The heart trembling cry again broke free,
This age, the cry was more high pitched,
And to the innermost heart it reached,
I clung to my bed in fearfulness,
As I tried to fight my nervousness,
But it had got the better of me out,
As I still clutched to my bed stout!
I crushed my jaws to overcome my nervousness,
Which gave a relief to my stiffness,
The cry shook me from head to toe,
Greater than, when I would see my foe,
The cry had the utmost effect on me,
Which nobody else except me could see!
The cry suddenly came to a dead end,
After delivering its frightful trend!
The cry by now had met its end,
But in my mind had a deep impression send,
And this cry occurs to me whenever,
A sound of cry is heard ever and ever!

My first poem ever!

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The poem "Me..." was the first ever poem that I wrote. If I remember correct, I was in std-VI, that I had written it. It was around 8 o'clock at night, I was lying down alone in the room, and even though I don't remember the exact reason but I know this much that I was really frustrated of my life, the way it was turning out to be! The future looked so bleak, and I was looking even more worthless, though I was too small to have understood anything big at all! So that was the first time I realised writing was a really great way of getting rid of one's unworthy, useless and negative emotions! And since then, I think I've used it perfectly well!


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Is this what I am?
Who can speed me,
To hold what others own?
Who can influence me,
To see in myself what I want?
Who can give me,
The strength to change?
It is, it is, it is ME!
Who can speed!
It is, it is, it is ME!
Who can influence!
It is, it is, it is ME!
Who has the strength!
It would not be what I am!
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